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7 Unmissable Experiences At This Year’s Afriff

AFRIFF (Africa International Film Festival) 2018 is here and we couldn’t be more excited. To make sure you don’t miss out on any of the festivities, TECNO Mobile and a host of others have brought it to your own backyard, you can catch the festivities in locations spread across Lagos.

If you are just hearing about this year’s edition, you’ve sadly missed out on 4 days of awesomeness. But not to worry, because we care about you — here are 7 reasons you must not carry last with the rest of AFRIFF 2018:

Thursday – day 5 is packed with a ton of activity. But a panel discussion with Clarence Peters, Oliver Aleogena, Emeka Ossai, Ani James and other renowned actors and filmmakers is at the top of our list. 

Clarence_Peters_on_the_set_of_music_video_in_2013_2014-04-21_13-33.jpg-7 Unmissable Experiences At This Year’s Afriff 

‘Nigerian Prince’ by Faraday Okoro will also be showing on Day 6 – Friday at Genesis Cinema in The Palms.

We won’t talk too much about how great the movie is, just watch the trailer here.

If you’re looking to get into co-production, Punuka Solicitors has got you covered.

Catch them this Friday giving the best tips for filmmakers looking to get involved with local and international co-productions.

agreee.gif-7 Unmissable Experiences At This Year’s Afriff 

If you had Friday night plans you better cancel them. The AFRIFF festival party at Rooftop Deck,

Landmark is the only place you’ll want to be this Friday night.

7AjK.gif-7 Unmissable Experiences At This Year’s Afriff 

August Meeting the stage play is showing at Freedom Park on Day 8, that’s Sunday the 18th and you don’t want to miss it.

Remember to hold your 5k for ticket, but we promise it’ll be worth every kobo.

August-Meeting-2.jpg-7 Unmissable Experiences At This Year’s Afriff 
If you are tired of the lack of gender representation in Nigerian filmmakers and in the workplace you need to register and come through this Thursday.

There will be a showing of ‘Balancing the Scales’ a documentary on female filmmakers and diversity in the workplace that’ll be worth your time.

giphy-6-1.gif-7 Unmissable Experiences At This Year’s Afriff 

If you are into video games and animation you have to be there this Friday (Day 6).

Unicon a presentation of BIAYA Consulting will be discussing the opportunities and challenges in the local comic book,

animation and video game industry in Nigeria.

steve-harvey-1.gif-7 Unmissable Experiences At This Year’s Afriff 

what is an owambe? The only event you’ll want to attend this Saturday is the invite-only- Globe Night.

To make things extra special, everyone’s favorite device maker- TECNO, will be giving out free tickets as well as presenting a short film award category.

To get the full AFRIFF experience, be sure to capture every moment on your TECNO device because the event will be streamed live on TECNO’s Instagram page

Make sure to check here to have your pick of the very best

yass_werwts.jpg-7 Unmissable Experiences At This Year’s Afriff 

We’ve been shouting about it since the beginning of this post but we are saying it again now.

Make sure you register so that you don’t miss out on all the goodies AFRIFF as to offer at this year’s festival.

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